By Janet May.

It‘s distracting when monkeys hang from the trees over your homework.

At the Intercultura Language School in Samara, Costa Rica, there are many things to take your mind off studies: water so warm you barely feel it, a surfing beach just outside the gateway, yoga and salsa dancing after school.  It’s a wonder that any homework gets done: but you can’t avoid learning Spanish here.

This is just a short thank you note to our sponsors to let you know that we have now received sufficient funding to make the trip and will be setting off on the 29th June 2009. Your generosity, especially in this difficult economic climate, has been overwhelming and we cannot thank you enough. When we have completed our research we will, as promised, send you a copy of our report. We have recently met with Dr Angel the world renown Entomologist and he is keen to see the results of our research, as well as our College’s leaders.

By Simon Briscoe in London
Published: July 4 2009 03:00 | Last updated: July 4 2009 03:00

Costa Rica, the country of fewer than 5m people sandwiched between Panama and Nicaragua, tops a new global ranking for combining a happy and long life with limited environmental degradation.

María Fernanda, the Head Spanish teacher at the Sámara campus, just finished her latest artistic creation-- a mural of three manta rays around the building's side entrance.

Her previous mural, the octopus on the wall facing the beach, was highlighted in the Nación, with an article and photo on the paper's inside front cover. Future plans include an art exhibit at Intercultura showcasing María's paintings and other artwork.

by Aaron Rudenstine

Cuando yo llegué a Sámara hace nueve semanas, y el sol estuvo en el cielo y el tiempo estuvo perfecto, yo supe que este viaje fuera a ser buenísimo. Me acuerdo que yo dije “qué arrecho!”

By Hannah Zimmermann

On Monday, October 12th Intercultura celebrated el Dia del Encuentro de Las Culturas, otherwise known as Colombus Day in the United States, Dia de la Raza in many American countries, Discovery Day in the Bahamas, and Dia de las Americas in Uruguay. This holiday marks the anniversary of Christopher Colombus’s first journey to the Americas, and the merging of different cultures between Europe and the Americas.

By Jane Gantz

Jane fue estudiante de español del 31 de setiembre al 02 de octubre de 2009. A continuación se muestra un artículo que ella escribió sobre su experiencia.

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Heidi Feneis
Montana, Estados Unidos

La película “Diarios de Motocicleta” trata del viaje de Ernesto “Che” Guevara y su amigo Alberto Granado. Sin embargo, aunque todo el mundo sepa del Che Guevara como revolucionario, esa película es la crónica de los dos como jóvenes, antes de que Ernesto Guevara, un estudiante de medicina, llegara a ser revolucionario.

Heidi Feneis
Montana, Estados Unidos