Students are sometimes confused about the requirement for yellow fever vaccination. We will clarify it for you!

Are you in your 50s or already retired and wonder what it´s like to learn Spanish overseas for someone in your age or even to travel around the world?

You are ready for your volunteer adventure abroad, but the truth is you have no idea what it really means and what to expect?

We at Intercultura have many years of experience with volunteers and volunteer work and can tell you – out of our personal experience and from our job monitoring and accompanying volunteers – what you should be ready for and what we want you to know before taking off!


Why should my teen study abroad with Intercultura Costa Rica Spanish Schools?

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Intercultura is all about its people, and that is not just our staff and our host mothers, but also about our students.

This week’s #interculturaesgente post is all about Tim from Ottawa, Canada. For the past five years he has been coming to study Spanish with us here in Sámara. We always love to see him around and enjoy his great personality every time.

As always, we ask the following questions

“Negotiate a river by following its bends, enter a country by following its customs.” Cambodian Proverb

While learning a new language, it doesn’t take long for cultural differences to pop up. Sometimes they give a pleasant jolt to your ordinary perspective. Sometimes they baffle. But how important is it to learn the culture that goes with the language you’re studying? Is it even necessary?


Intercultura is all about its people, and that is not just our staff and our host mothers, but also about our students. 

Like Lindsay said, “Intercultura’s staff is made up of locals and international folk making the school truly multicultural” this is also true with our student body.


We have been inspired to revive our #interculturaesgente campaign.  This time our wonderful staff and students will be asked three questions:


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There will be 3 winners who will receive:

Are you learning Spanish at home? Have you tried classes, but found yourself quickly speaking your native language outside of class?  Are you ready for the next step in your Spanish Language experience? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then we recommend take a leap and come to Costa Rica to put your skills to work. Relaxed people speaking at a slow, steady pace makes Costa Rica one of the world’s best places to learn Spanish.