Why coming to Intercultura during green season is totally worth it

Green season stands for the tropical rainy season from May through Mid-November

...when tourism is not at its peak and great deals can be found. Especially the Guanacaste province, where our Samara beach school campus is located, looks so much more alive and colorful than it does in dry season (Costa Rican summer). Everything greens up nicely, rivers run again, little waterfalls start to appear and the dry-forests turn green and lush.

We give you our three primary reasons why a Spanish learning vacation during green season is worthwile!

Learning Spanish is cheaper


At Intercultura Costa Rica green season means not only smaller Spanish classes but also great deals on our Spanish immersion courses. Every year we run a green season special valid for all program classes taken between August and mid-December. This year we offer $295 off on group classes when students enroll for a minimum of 3 weeks of classes at either campus, Heredia city or Samara Beach.


What does this exactly mean? You need to know that: 

  • Price for 1 week of Spanish group classes in Heredia: $285
  • Price for 1 week of Spanish group classes in Samara Beach: $325

So, for instance, if you book 3 weeks at our Heredia campus you save even more than an entire week of Spanish classes, and at our beachfront campus in Sámara you save nearly an entire week of classes.

Once you are a student at our school you may can even take another advantage of a possible last-minute promotion for current students. Depending on how our classes fill up during green season we offer some great deal on Spanish class extensions.

If you want to save some money on your Spanish learning vacation, green season is definitely the best time for it. 

A lush countryside

It doesn´t rain all day long during green season. Every green season month can be different from year to year. Typically you wake to sunny mornings with a mix of clouds and sun, and showers typically roll in between 2 and 4 pm or even later. September and October are usually the rainiest months, but even that isn´t for sure. Especially in Guancaste we haven´t had too many strong rains in the past years.  

There´s an abundance of great deals - hotels, flights, tours and other activities

Fewer tourists does not only mean more tranquility, quieter beaches and less waiting, but also more availability in everything and therefore you can take advantage of significant rate reductions, attractive package deals, and any green season promotions, just like at Intercultura. Tours are less expensive and more fun, too. Since rivers are high and everything is so green, river rafting and zip-line canopy tours, ATV tours or horseback riding are so much more beautiful and adventure-filled, with a high possibility of catching sight of a breath taking rainbow. 

However, your time of year to learn Spanish in Costa Rica mostly depends on what you´d like to do apart from the Spanish course and when you have time to travel.