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One of Costa Rica’s interesting facts is that it has semi-climates along the country.  The Climate Change has definitely created a diverse weather in our country through the years which we cannot follow up easily now. 

Before, we knew that the rainy season would start for sure at the beginning of May and that it would rain for 7 months straight.  However, the transition time between the dry and rainy season has been delayed this year. 

rainy_season_costa_ricaWe are having hot mornings in Heredia and in the Metropolitan Area in general, but the afternoons are also hot and sunny at the moment and only sometimes we have few rains for only some minutes and then it stops.  The Meteorological Institute of Costa Rica has informed yesterday that the rainy season will probably be stronger than last year’s with heavier rains:  http://www.nacion.com/2013-05-09/Sucesos/Lluvias-vuelven-esta-tarde-al-Pacifico-y-el-Valle-Central.aspx


It is important that you pay attention to the following simple but useful advice:

  • Carry an umbrella and raincoat at all times.
  • Use comfortable closed rubber-soled shoes as the sidewalks and streets may get very slippery or carry a pair of rubber boots with you in case you need them.
  • Pay close attention when you are crossing a street as some drivers may not be careful when raining.
  • Carry a jacket or sweater with you as there may be very windy rains.
  • During the rainy season, colds and flus arise in a bigger scale, so make sure you take care of your health by covering your chest and neck when going out in the rain.
  • Keep an eye on the local news to see if there are floods in some places as this is common during the rainy season.

Rain in Costa Rica is usually a nice and cool show to see, so enjoy it but take care of you as well!