University groups of North Carolina visit Intercultura every year!

John, Athena, Mani and Lien (University of North Carolina) preparing 35 goody bags and 2 "piñatas" for 30 little girls at an orphanage in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Every year two different groups come from the University of North Carolina to Costa Rica to study Spanish. One group comes for 10 days in March and the other group visits us for 3 weeks in May. The main objective is to learn the language and the culture.

All groups from the University of North Carolina take Spanish classes in the mornings and they visit some companies in the afternoon and do some other volunteer and recreational activities.

María Elena, the leader of the group has brought these students for 6 years in a row now! And she has always encouraged them to speak in Spanish only whilst they are at the school so they can take advantage of their time here and practice the language even more.

Today, her group went to the orphanage called ‘Hogar del Niño con Cariño’, located in Alajuela. She goes every year to this orphanage with her groups and they throw a party with ‘piñatas’ and goody bags for the kids!  They all have a lot of fun and the kids love it every time they visit them!

University Group North Carolina at Intercultura Costa Rica

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written by Ericka Phillips (Student Advisor & Group Coordinator)