Things swell weird

A former student and colleague shares his re-entry impressions and a few notes on his final days in Heredia..

It was so great to see everyone at the school this past week. I finally got a chance to say hello to Jerry. I thoroughly enjoyed the excursions that he led to the Doka Estate coffee farm and the La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

I was sad to leave the country yesterday. Here a few quick notes to share:

I think that this trip, my longest, was the first time that my senses readjusted themselves to be more in tune with Latin America. Today, back in the United States, the environment feels eerily quiet (as in no noise). It feels creepy. Where are the barking dogs, the unmuffled motorcycles, and the train horn?

Plus, things smell weird in the US. I can't put my finger on it but it certainly doesn't smell like anywhere I have been in Costa Rica. It is winter in Oklahoma, so there are no blooming flowers. I miss that smell. Do you experience this?

I drove for the first time in Costa Rica this week. The idea has always been a little scary to me. The unwritten rules of the road always seemed difficult to decipher. My friend,  needed me to drive around a little Barva, so I did it. It was a big moment for me.

Also, I know that you aren't much of a sports fan. However, I have to tell you, that the futbol game on Wednesday between Herediano and the Mexican team, los Tigres, was thrilling. I happened to catch the equalizing goal on video in the final minute of the game. The environment was tremendous. Check it out!

Un abrazo,



¡Que golazo! #herediano #puravida

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