Spanish Reading Tip of the Week

We love to support Spanish learning blogs that provide great articles in Spanish. We find them to be helpful for Spanish learners who are looking for sources to read and practice their Spanish.

One of our favourite blog is run by María Pozo from Spain. Not only is María a wonderful person but she was also one of our Spanish teachers at our Samara Beach Campus a few years ago. When she moved back to Spain, she launched her own website Español en Ruta. Her blog provides first class and inspiring articles to read - an enjoyable way to practice or to refresh your Spanish skills

The latest article was actually written by Lucie Angers, a friend of María’s, from Quebeck, Canada. Travelling Spain had always been one of Lucie´s oldest lifetime dreams. She met María en Playa Sámara, 5 years ago, while they both worked at Intercultura. This year Lucie turned her dream into reality and spent 3 unforgettable months in Spain, travelling and exploring. Read her personal story and experience in Spain here!