Spanish Immersion by Lindsay LaVelle - featured in Costa Rica Sun

I decided to move to Costa Rica without ever having been to Latin America. "This is the way to learn Spanish!" I told myself. I planned on giving it a year (maybe two, and then I'd be headed back to the US.

Six years later and I'm still living it up here in the rich coast, (and I speak Spanish!).  

(...) Still my acquisiton of the local language proved challenging without some proper structure. People would speak English to me and I wasn't advancing as I had hoped. I decided to make the investment (...) I chose Intercultura, which has one campus in Heredia and one right here in Playa Sámara. (...) I signed up for 6 weeks of classes which also included a number of extra-curricular activities such as yoga, Latin dance, cooking, jewelry making, movie nights and more! (...)

I had always believed that when I dreamed in Spanish, I'd have made it! Well here I am, dreaming in Spansih and living the dream. What used to seem weird and unfamiliar feels comforting and lovely...

written by Lindsay LaVelle