Making a Difference in Heredia

Costa Rica is well-known for its variety of volunteering opportunities from clinical work to teaching English to orphans.  Here at Intercultura we have a special volunteer program that offers Spanish intensive courses along with volunteering placements throughout Costa Rica.  Participating in these types of programs during your Spanish study is one of the best ways to enforce your language acquisition as well as a great way to leave a positive mark while you’re here visiting. 

The program is flexible, which means that you can study at the campus and volunteer while not in class, or study for a few weeks and then take off to an entirely different part of the country to explore and lend a hand.  What better way to learn Spanish then while making a difference in the lives of others?  Below are some examples of different volunteer opportunities that Intercultura offers:

Intercultura charges a $99 placement fee and requires two weeks of Spanish study before your placement. Read more about our volunteer opportunities here or send an email to .