Las Fiestas de Palmares - The party is on!

In case you didn’t get enough of the Christmas fiestas, January continues the action with the famous Fiestas de Palmares.  

Palmares is a pueblito just about an hour from San José.  The Palmares fiestas are different from the fiestas found everywhere because they feature a series of concerts.  Artists come from far and wide, both Costa Rican and international, to grace the stage.  

It also hosts several nights of rodeos and a Gran Tope, a type of horse parade where the experienced riders show off their horses’ unusual dance-like gait.

Each year, much of the money that is raised through these events is donated to the region’s social development projects, so it’s all for a good cause!  Check out the link below to take advantage of the Fiestas de Palmares this year while you are here studying Spanish with us!  It is a great cultural tradition and you will help make a difference at the same time! Las Fiestas de Palmares run until the 21st of January. Check it out!