Intercultura Es Gente - Till from Switzerland


Intercultura is all about its people, and that is not just our staff and our host mothers, but also about our students.

This week’s #interculturaesgente post is about Till from Switzerland who came to Intercultura through the Swiss language travel agency Boa Lingua. Till studied at our Samara Beach Campus for 11 weeks, and besides reading Till´s answers below, you should also know that he is a talented and creative young man. Check out his two breathtaking videos he made about his time in Costa Rica. Watch his first video about his Costa Rica experience below!

Why do you want to learn Spanish?

I always liked the language and was interested in learning it. Learning Spanish also means that I get to know a new culture because language is part of culture.

Why did you come to Costa Rica?

I heard great things about Costa Rica. I heard it is beautiful, safe and the people and their mentality is very relaxed and open.

Why did you choose Intercultura?

Because it is a school at the beach.

What did you like the most about the school and Sámara?

I really liked the location of the school and the people who work here. They were friendly and open. About Sámara I liked the most the sea and the beach.

Were you able to improve your Spanish with us?

I was! I started with almost nothing and now I am able to communicate. I am really thankful for having good teachers.

How do you think this experience will change or influence your life?

It helped me to be more open and it generated my interest for seeing more of the world.