Intercultura es Gente - Majed from Saudi Arabia


Intercultura is all about its people, and that is not just our staff and our host mothers, but also about our students.

This week’s #interculturaesgente post is all about Majed from Saudi Arabia and his travelings through Latin America. This time we asked the following questions:

Why do you want to learn Spanish?

"I like Spanish culture and I am traveling in Central and South America for a few months. So I needed to learn Spanish."

Why did you come to Costa Rica?

"Because I start my trip in Costa Rica and then my trip is going north, all the way to Mexico. My next stop is Granada in Nicaragua."

Why did you choose Intercultura?

"I was looking for a good school in Central America. I had so many options, but Intercultura was my favourite...great reviews about it."

What did you like the most about the school and Sámara?

"The beach, weather, people. It´s so attractive and comfortable to spend some time in Sámara."

Were you able to improve your Spanish with us?

"Yes for sure! I had zero Spanish at the beginning. Now after 2 weeks I improved a lot. I can speak basics and I understand."