Intercultura es Gente - Lindsay


With the departure of one of our longterm staff members, we have been inspired to revive our #interculturaesgente campaign.  This time our wonderful staff and students will be asked three questions:

  • “How did you find yourself attending or working at Intercultura?”
  • “What is one of your favorite things about Intercultura?”
  • “What is something special that most people do not know about you?”

We are excited about this campaign because it is a fun way to share with your our bright, diverse and motivated staff and clientele.  We hope you enjoy these blogs as much as we do!

Meet Lindsay

She was originally a student of Intercultura in 2007 for 10 weeks. Having a backround in Education, she was quickly offered a position to teaching Childrens Saturday morning English classes.  Shortly after, she tapped into her zen, and she became the yoga instructor for the school.  She was a familiar face around campus and would often help out with other odds and ends.  After her studies, she began to work as Co-Director of a local non-profit Asociación CREAR (founded by support of Intercultura).  During this time she was also chosen for the Teen Camp Chaperone, and was asked to return each summer thereafter. 


Then in 2012, she was offered the position of Groups Coordinator and Student Services. She has been an asset to the team for over 10 years, and we are sad to see her go.  She is moving on to bigger and better things, and as of August 2017, she is no longer part of the team, yet forever part of our Intercultura Familia.

Lindsay found that Intercultura and Playa Sámara were two very appealing locations making the decision to enroll quite easy.  Sámara the town offers the ocean, beautiful nature and a slow pace.  Intercultura’s staff is made up of locals and international folk making the school truly multicultural. All this made the school a very attractive location to study and to ultimately make her life.  She found the staff interesting, colleagues with varied experience and educational background.  It also didn’t hurt that her colleagues were all professional Spanish teachers making learning Spanish that much more enjoyable. 

Wedding Singer in a band. The Costa Rican journey has allowed Lindsay to establish and realize a number of ambitions; Yoga, Singing and more.

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