Improve your Vocab! Read Short Stories in Spanish

When you are learning Spanish, whether in Costa Rica or your home country, it seems like there are literally millions of new words. Even if you study for years, you will probably never know EVERY word (do you know every word in English?!).

Nevertheless, reading in Spanish is the best way to broaden your vocabulary. Focus on one section at a time.  Start small with short stories or tales and work your way up to more advanced novels.  While you're reading, have a highlighter or pen handy so that when you come across words you don't recognize, you can either highlight or underline them, then go back and make a list of all the words you didn't understand.

Immediately after finishing the section, look these words up and then write a sentence using each new word to solidify the meaning in your head. In no time, you will be building a strong, lengthy vocabulary that will help you immensely in both verbal and written Spanish.

Click here for a helpful website with short stories in Spanish to practice your reading comprehension and expand your vocabulary.  You will need to click on a number (número) to open the short stories.  There are many!  Enjoy!

By Katie Horch