How language immersion can build new paths for you

Learning a second language abroad can be not only eye-opening but also open a new door for you while you are walking down the hallway.

Katie Winchell, who has studied Spanish with us about 6 times since 2005, is a true success story. Studying at Intercultura Costa Rica inspired her to start teaching English as a second language in North Carolina.  She has been teaching through a non-profit organization called the Literacy Council of Buncombe County for over 10 years.

"This current class is special because their employer, a hotel, arranged for them to attend class at work, provides lunch for each class, gave a donation to cover their books, and they might get a promotion if they attend all year.  They are great students, from Mexico, Ecuador & El Salvador.  I’ve really enjoyed teaching English to immigrants in my city, and can really identify with their issues because of my immersion experiences. My Spanish skills, learned through your program, have helped me in teaching English to basic level students, as well as volunteering as an interpreter in a free mammogram program and helping with a Meet the Teacher day at a local school that has lots of immigrant families.  I really enjoy “feeling” bilingual, even though I still have a lot to learn in Spanish."

We hope her story inspires you to make the move towards learing a new language, and maybe it will lead to a different vision of your life. Katie was featured at a news program on a local station at her home state North Carolina. Watch the video!

"Intercultura has done a lot to advance my knowledge of Spanish over the years, and gave me the inspiration to spend a month in Manuel Antonio studying for my TEFL certification, which I have used primarily in my own community here in Asheville, North Carolina.  And of course, even though I value the immersion method of teaching another language, I occasionally use the Spanish I know to help my Spanish-speaking students understand a difficult concept in English."