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About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is situated on the narrow Central American isthmus between Nicaragua and Panama, with the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is a peaceful country with no standing army and a history of focusing on environmental protection and education. It small enough to drive from one coast to the other in less than 5 hours, but has an amazing range of ecological diversity, from volcanoes to beaches to rainforests to lowland jungle.

It small enough to drive from one coast to the other in less than 5 hours, but has an amazing range of ecological diversity, from volcanoes to beaches to rainforests to lowland jungle. In each of the seven provinces many different species of flora and fauna can be seen, as well as the many cultural elements unique to each area.Intercultura has two Spanish schools in Costa Rica, one in the vibrant & historic university city of Heredia, founded in 1993, and the other on beautiful Sámara beach, that opened in 2001 and is located zero steps from the beach. With these two unique locations – Heredia and Playa Sámara - we offer you the opportunity to experience Costa Rica from two very different perspectives while enjoying total immersion in the Spanish language and culture. Each campus and area has a distinctive flavor, way of life and charm, which all sum up to "Pura Vida"!Pictures speak louder than words...Watch one of the newest videos about Costa Rica, which was filmed in February and March, 2014.


Why do students choose Costa Rica to study Spanish?

Costa Rica is known as an environmentally conscious country that has actually gained forested area over the last 30 years.  It’s considered the safest nation in Latin America and has a reputable education system.  It’s also easily accessible from most parts of the USA and Canada.  It has several diverse eco-systems and is the country with the highest-density biodiversity in the world.  It also has a variety of easily accessible destinations in one small area.  It usually comes down to natural beauty and security.

"This country offers the ideal immersion programme, and not in just one destination. (...) most students who do ultimately choose it as their language learning destination, try to combine an adventurous holiday with a learning programme." Read the full post!

How much is the cost of traveling in Costa Rica?

We found a very useful article that can give you a pretty good idea about what you will be most likely spending during your stay in Costa Rica - from food, activities, transportation, lodging and more. Read the article here: COST OF TRAVELING IN COSTA RICA OR VIEW OUR SUMMARY!

Tourist or Traveler? What are the must-sees in Costa Rica - off the beaten track?

Every guide book or internet site will tell you the must-sees in Costa Rica (Manuel Antonio, Arenal, Monteverde, to name a few), but my favourites are the ones a little further from the beaten track. They may be a little harder to get to, but they are well worth the effort! After living here for 20 years, here are a few of my must-sees: READ FULL ARTICLE!

How to get to Costa Rica and where to go, Liberia or San José?

You are in the middle of planning your trip and need some help in finding out which airlines fly to Liberia (LIR) and which to San José (SJO) or to both? Our blog post "How to get to Costa Rica" may help you in giving you a better overview about direct flights to Costa Rica.

Zika virus in Costa Rica. Do I really have to worry or even cancel my trip to Costa Rica?

We can say it is save to travel to Costa Rica. It is also really important to inform oneself well about that topic. Here is one article we would like to share with everyone as it is really revealing about the worldwide Zika virus situation.


Read more about how Intercultura got started by reading the article “Living in Costa Rica: An Expat Story” written by our founding director Laura Ellington.


Graduation and last days in Heredia 021

Britton Varn & Kids

I wholeheartedly recommend Intercultura for both adults and kids.  Three of my kids (ages 12, 9, and 7) enrolled there for 12 weeks last spring and had a fabulous experience.  We were at the Heredia campus for 9 weeks and the Samara campus for 3 weeks.  My kids had very basic Spanish before we went (numbers, colors, shapes, etc.), but zero comprehension or conversation skills.  Upon enrolling in school again here Colorado, my 7th grade son’s middle school evaluated him in Spanish, and his Spanish level is beyond what they offer in the three years of middle school classes.  The teacher placed him at a 2nd year, 2nd semester high school level.  And both my 2nd and 4th grade daughters were able to enter into a full-Spanish immersion elementary program here.  My 4th grade daughter’s teachers says that her conversation skills are better than her peers who have been in the program for 3 years.  All that’s to say, I was extremely pleased at the progress that my kids made in 3 months!  We are hoping to return and attend classes at Intercultura on a regular basis.  I attended there for a month when I was in college as well, and it was definitely a turning point for me in my conversation and comprehension skills.

As to the safety of the area, I would feel comfortable sending my own son alone in a couple of years.  I was there alone (my husband had to stay in the U.S. for work) with four kids and never had any problems.  If your son is responsible, he will do great.  I trust the staff to take good care of the teens.  Your son will learn a ton and visit some amazing places.

United States
January – April 2018, 3-month program


Arisdelsi Nuñez

Texas Woman´s University Group: It was a great experience, I learned a lot and the staff and professors were always friendly and willing to help! Samara Beach Campus

TX, United States
August 2018

Spanish immersion Kids classes

Leslie (mother)

Kids Camp Classes – Samara Beach Campus. We had an incredible experience in Sámara these past two weeks. Intercultura made us feel so welcome and we are grateful for the home base you provided our family. I felt privileged to observe Iris’ and Fabiola’s classes. Please extend our family’s gratitude to the entire staff and faculty. I look forward to staying in contact about future visits to Intercultura! Ojalá que nos veamos otra vez!

Massachusetts, USA
August 2018