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“I felt well taken care of by the staff who were most efficient in making sure that I was in the right class but also arranging my flight and land transportation to the other school. They even called to make sure I had arrived safely. Both home stays were terrific! Although I was the oldest student at both locations, I never felt left out of the numerous school activities. Total immersion is the best way to learn a language and Intercultura is a wonderful program for immersion.”

TRIP ADVISOR REVIEW: Lise B., 60+ student, Canada, studied at both campuses 



Customizing a Spanish immersion and travel package for groups is what we do best, guaranteeing a fun and rewarding experience! Simply contact us and let us know what your group is looking for.

What we offer is a combination of Spanish classes (group classes with a max. of 6 students per group, or private/ semi-private classes), cultural immersion and optional weekend travel opportunities.

Our three-pronged approach to language acquisition includes:

  • Innovative, dynamic language classes tailored to 50+ interests
  • Cultural activities based on local traditions
  • Linguistic immersion through your homestay experience (optional)

Your group can choose to study in the Historic Heredia City Campusright on the beach at our Sámara Beach Campusor both! Each campus and region has a distinctive character, way of life and charm. We encourage you to live with one of our comfortable host families, where you will be matched according to age and interests. Homestays offer a private room, laundry service and ample opportunity to practice your new language skills. Campuses in both locations have beautiful facilities and spacious, comfortable and friendly learning environments and social areas.


…and what would be included:

  • Airport pickup and drop off
  • 20 HOURS per week group classes* – depending on the size of your group and depending on our teacher capacity we can either separate your group from our regular student body, provided that each group member has the same or similar spoken Spanish level, OR mix them up with our regular students and group classes.
  • 1 to 2 Mid-week cultural excursions (For example in Heredia: San José historic city tour, café tour, waterfalls. In Samara: Ocean dolphin search & snorkeling, nature hike, kayaking)
  • Daily cultural activities at the school (Latin Dance, cooking, films, etc.)
  • Homestay family accommodation with a comfortable private room, laundry service and 2 meals per day, walking distance to the school, OR lodging in a hotel according to your preferences.
  • Weekend trip(s) to volcano/ beach/ national park
  • Student advisor and help with additional travel and accommodation planning


Are you 50+, but don’t have a group to travel with?

Sign up for our regular Spanish immersion classes for students 18+ and make friends of all ages. We have lots of students over 50 who come and study on their own!

If you have the desire to explore a new country, immerse yourself in its culture, and challenge yourself by learning a new language (or perfecting what you already know!) in a group of like-minded, then Intercultura is just what you are looking for.

*NOTE: Our group classes are small with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 students. Depending on the season and on our teacher availability at each campus location private or semi-private classes can be an option as well.

Have fun while learning, discover a new culture, exercise your brain and create new memories…now!