Study Spanish and Tour Costa Rica!

While you study Spanish, you should check out one of Costa Rica’s most impressive and curious places: Río Celeste, or Sky Blue River. It’s located in Guanacaste near the Tenorio Volcano. Its water isn’t clear but it has a very intense turquoise color. The legend tells that the river turned blue when God cleaned his paintbrushes after painting the sky. According to scientific explanations, the color comes from the unique chemical reaction of volcanic minerals.
Most Costa Ricans will agree that Río Celeste is one of the most beautiful and picturesque rivers of Costa Rica. It’s located in the lush tropical forest of the National Park, and has yet to be discovered by many tourists. The park is home to unbelievable biodiversity, flora and fauna, including tapirs, wild cats, monkeys, toucans and many amphibians and reptiles.
Spanish School in Costa RicaIntercultura Spanish School offers weekend tours where you will experience one of the best short hikes in the country. It’s approximately 4 miles (5 km), takes you from primary to secondary forest, where you’ll then encounter the stunning river.  You’ll be able to watch the natural phenomenon of the volcanic reaction. From here, the river maintains the bright blue color for another 22 miles (36 km). Along the shore of the river there are a series of thermal springs.
You will also see the bubbling of the Blue Lagoon caused by volcano gases from the bottom. The temperature reaches up to 15000 F (8000 C) and it looks light blue. When the gases are rising, it looks like boiling water!
Check out the view from the 6,286 ft. (1,216 m) Tenorio Volcano.  It’s amazing during cloudless skies. And the trip is complete once you visit the beautiful Río Celeste Waterfall; it drops about 100 ft. (30 m). This waterfall may be the most beautiful one in Costa Rica. 
Contact reception for more details about Intercultura’s weekend tours to Río Celeste. Practice your Spanish and see the country!