Learning a second language abroad can be not only eye-opening but also open a new door for you while you are walking down the hallway.

Flights have been super cheap lately from Canada and the United States, and on top of that Intercultura has some great last-minute Spanish learning vacational deals for you!

If you are not sure yet what to do with the rest of your summer, why not coming down to Costa Rica? Here are two reasons why you should go for it:

Where to go, Liberia or San José? Which airlines fly to Costa Rica and do they have direct flights?

So you are planning a trip to Costa Rica and researching about which airlines fly to which of the two Costa Rican´s airports? Here is a chart we are happy to provide and that may help you in finding a suitable and inexpensive flight.  

Languages are my passion! Today I can speak four languages fluently and I am currently learning my fifth and sixth ones. One year ago, I had the opportunity to study Spanish at Intercultura, which has brought many benefits to my life. Today I want to share with you the 5 reasons why I will never regret learning Spanish.

We found this following article to be very useful as many students ask us how much is the cost of traveling in Costa Rica. It´s not an easy question and it all depends what you are looking for. The article can be used as a guide for your upcoming trip to Costa Rica. In order to give you a quick overview of each category we summarized the most important facts for you.


Studying Spanish abroad, at Intercultura Costa Rica in Heredia, was more amazing than anything I could have hoped for.  I'm from Maryland, and studied Spanish in high school and college.  But sometimes when I would speak Spanish, people would mention that I kind of sounded like I was reading from a textbook.  No surprise there- I learned Spanish from textbooks!  In 2014, I made up my mind that I would improve my Spanish by going abroad. 

Costa Rica is not what I had expected at all. Every day holds new lessons; whether it be on the rich and diverse culture, on learning a new language or just experiencing travelling alone on the other side of the world.

"I came to Costa Rica for the first time in the summer of 1990 to study Spanish and fell in love…with the language, the country, the people, the music, even the monsoon-like rains.


We at Intercultura try to help conserve our planet as much as possible.  From recycling to installing solar panels to eliminating the use of plastic coffee stirrers, we love to live the “Eco Tourism” way that Costa Rica loves and inspires.  Did you know that in 2015 Costa Rica has been running exclusively on renewable energy?  The local government has set the goal to become completely carbon neutral by 2021, but we can’t do it alone.