Cultural and Spanish Activities

Costa Rica Language School

Cultural Activities while learning Spanish in Costa Rica

After your Spanish classes and/or on weekends, you can participate in a wide selection of activities, conducted in Spanish (the majority involve no extra charge). Students should check the notice boards in reception daily for times, sign-up sheets and specific information or click here. We encourage all students to participate in as many activities as possible, as you will find they greatly enhance your understanding and connection to the culture.  These include:

Costa Rica Language SchoolLatin dance classes  

From Monday through Thursday students have the opportunity to participate in classes where they will learn salsa, merengue, cumbia bolero, and bachata, the most popular dances in Costa Rica. You can go out to discos and dances with confidence and interact on a fun social level with Ticos. Our professional dance instructor, Enrique Valerio, also organizes monthly outings to clubs/discos to give students a chance to practice what they've learned in a real-life setting.


Costa Rican cooking classes

Cooking Class and study spanish with Intercultura Heredia in Costa Rica

Once a week we teach students how to make typical Costa Rican dishes, a nice skill to take home and share with friends and family! Click here to read more about our cooking class instructor, Jeannette Vargas.



We hold periodic talks and informal gatherings after Spanish classes which cover a diverse range of subjects and inform students about topics such as the ecology and environment of Costa Rica, Latin-American literature, politics, women's studies and other socially and culturally related themes.


Film night

Once a week we show a film in Spanish, an entertaining and practical way to practice the language.


Study Spanish in Costa RicaIntercambios


During these cultural exchanges Spanish students meet with Tico English students at the school to practice conversation skills (in both languages) in a relaxed atmosphere, and to make new friends from the local community.


Latin music class

In this class, students learn traditional and modern songs from different Spanish-speaking countries, analyzing their meaning and cultural significance.

This helps greatly in overall comprehension. Feel free to join in and bring your own instrument!


Local activities

Every Thursday evening and Sunday morning, weather permitting, the local band presents free open-air concerts in Heredia's central park. Also every Thursday afternoon the National University shows primarily Spanish language films, open to the general public for a nominal fee. Intercultura maintains a list of suggested day trips in the area for other after- school activities.


"Fiestas Patronales"

These local celebrations are held in all Costa Rican cities and villages every year, usually over a weekend. They are advertised throughout the country and are an excellent source of cultural entertainment. You can watch bullfights "Tico" style, where the bull is not harmed in any way, participate in traditional games and try out a variety of local fare.



On weekends we host excursions to many different parts of the country: Possibilities range from relaxing on a white sand beach, to studying the complex ecosystems of the Monteverde Cloud Forest, to watching the eruptions of a live volcano! During the week we take students to theaters, museums, nearby parks, the capital city of San José, discotheques, soccer games, concerts and more! Click here for the list of tours we offer.



Each month we have a new activity plan of special events, national holiday activities, and a variety of fun excursions which are accompanied by a Spanish teacher or staff member and in which we encourage English students to participate to promote social interaction with the locals. These activities include football (soccer) games, trips to the bowling alley or roller-skating rink, special dance or theater shows, discussion groups, live music discos and more. For some of the more important national holidays Intercultura's staff presents educational performances relevant to the occasion, in which student interaction is highly encouraged! Click here to see our activities calendar.


"I was very impressed with the professional manner in which the school was run. Both the teachers and directors were very accommodating in tailoring a program to fit my specific skills and needs....The classes were demanding and interesting, and after class, having fun with the cultural activities was the high point of my day!...My experiences with both the school and the family were exceptional."
-- Tracy Hicks, BA Sociology / Psychology


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